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Phone: 513-539-PAWS (7297)

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There are walks, and there are walks.

It’s definitely important to have a dog that knows how to walk obediently on a leash. However, it’s also important to allow a dog to have some time to explore their surroundings while walking obediently on a leash. A pet owner that knows this will benefit from it, as well as the dog!

dog walk training

Dogs tend to see with their noses, and they place as much importance on their sense of smell as we humans place on our sense of vision. This helps us to interpret and even enjoy the world around us. It’s probably safe to say that dogs appreciate the smell of a tree trunk the way we appreciate a beautiful sunset!

Dogs loathe not being able to take in their world for at least a few minutes a day, and too often we humans are focused on going on walks for the sole purpose of exercise or for dog potty breaks. We trudge along the same old route, often without noticing any variety or having any sense of leisure, and in too much of a hurry to get back home again.

Going for walks without opportunity to explore and smell is no fun for you or your pet!

Socialization is the key to a happy friendly puppy

Your young dog has so much to experience and learn. Simply by allowing them to enjoy plenty of time around humans they learn that we are ok to be around. Introduce them to new humans every week. Puppies not exposed to use humans between 4 and 12 weeks are far more likely to grow up fearful, and aggressive. So create calm and happy situations for your young puppy, and watch them blossom. 

Planning your puppy's socialization:

Expose them gently, gradually to every day noises. From radios to door bells, from vacuum sweepers to pots and pans. Praise their positive response, and ignore the negative. Puppy does not need to learn the acting fearful will get them affection! 

If your dog responds to a situation with a fearful response (such as tail tucked, hunching over, not wanting to move) then stop the event. There's always another day to learn that the radio is not a monster. 

Congrats on the new puppy!  Yes, socialization is important. However - Let's keep our babies safe. No parks, walks or contact with the ground outside your yard and your house until your puppy is fully vaccinated, that is in about 4 months. Puppy socialization will help you end up with a happier, better pet, which is good for everyone. 

Puppy classes are typically pelnty of fun for both parent and puppy. We recommend them. 

At PAWS Adoption Center, we recommend that you setup a safe room for your new kitty. Change is frightening for cats, young and old... By placing them initially in a small starter room, like a small bedroom, big airy bathroom, or other room with a door you can close, will help them get used to a smaller space first.

  • Put all their kitty supplies in the room.
  • Set up their litter box with litter in it.  
  • Check to make sure windows any any other possible escape routes.
  • Unplug or securely tape down any electrical cords. 

Remember to take it slow, and your new feline baby will love you and trust you for it. 

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